2020 Roadway Maintenance Location Map

The Village of Monee is proud to announce another proposed roadwork improvement project for this 2020 season.

Click the link below to view a map indicating areas scheduled for maintenance this summer.  The attached map outlines the work to be performed this fiscal year. The map has section numbers assigned to each location in town.

2020 Roadway Maintenance Map

2020 roadwork areas

Resurfacing roads are marked in Blue on the map. Residents in the Blue area will see concrete curb and sidewalk replacements start this Monday 6/22. The concrete contractor, JJ Newell, has let me know that they plan on starting at section #6. They will then move to section #7, then 3A, 8, 9, and 10. They will have a crew saw cutting and have a removal crew directly behind them.

The FDR (Full-Depth Reclamation) roads are marked in Red on the map. Residents in the Red area will see major FDR roadwork begin after the July 4th holiday.

Restriping of roadways are marked in Green on the map.

Please use caution when walking or driving during construction or while workers are present and please allow extra time for your commute until all work is completed.

We thank you for your patience during our Village improvements.  We will update this page as the project progresses.


Please be advised that a stone shoulder has yet to be applied to the newly paved road.  Once the work is complete, your mailbox location will be in accordance with USPS specifications.  The Village has confirmed with the Monee Postmaster that mail delivery WILL NOT BE SUSPENDED.  If you’ve received a notice from the post office regarding mailbox location, rest assured that mail delivery will continue and that the placement will be correct once the road work is complete.

Specifications for mailbox placement can be found at www.USPS.com or by clicking here.


IPC will be restoring the driveway aprons affected by the road maintenance tomorrow-8/20. 
 They will be starting on Orchard Trail.


  • 7/22/2020 - Binder course will be applied on Bruns Road
  • 7/23/2020 - Binder course on Winfield Road and surface course on Bruns Road and/or Winfield Road
  • 7/24/2020 - Binder course on Anna Lane 
  • 7/27-28/2020 - Binder course on Lakeway Drive


Mt Carmel will complete Lynn ln, Embri, Herbert Ct. on 7/17, and their completely done then.

IPC will Level Binder Roosevelt, Court, and Orchard on 7/17

IPC will surface Roosevelt, Court, and Orchard on 7/18.

IPC will Level Binder Anna, Winfield, on 7/20.


Mt Carmel will complete Bruns and Lakeview on 7/16

Mt Carmel will complete Lynn ln, Embri, Herbert Ct. on 7/17, and their completely done then.

IPC will Patch Oak, and Orchard, then move to Court to patch and place binder in the 3’’ cut. 7/16

IPC will Pave various locations 7/17

IPC Ill know better tomorrow, but were planning on going to start leveling the FDR streets 7/18.

IPC the week of 7/20 we plan on continuing paving, Ill up date you on the order Friday.


Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) Base Stabilization Schedule:

7/14 Anna Complete, then move to Winfield for the remainder of the day.

7/15 Complete Winfield, then start and complete Bruns.

7/16 Complete Lakeway, move to Lynn, then EmBri, and Herbert

7/14 IPC milling Court & Roosevelt

IPC) has underdrains to do on Park and Violet.

IPC) After patches have been marked out IPC will provide a schedule as to when we’ll start those.

Note It’s possible that Mt Carmel may have a little left to do on 7/17.

All scheduled work subject to change due to weather.


The week of 7/6, IPC will begin road milling at locations 1-5-4-2, and then jump over to locations 3a-3b.

On 7/7, Illinois Central Hydrovac will begin pot holing for utilities at Bruns Rd. & Gorman Trail.

On 7/8-9th & 10th, Mt Carmel will start tilling the aggregate sub-base at locations 1-5-4-2, then jump over to locations 3a-3b.

IPC will be grading and compacting the sub-base of the roadway during that same time.

On 7/13th 14th & 15th, Mt Carmel will begin the final step in solidifying the roadway sub-base at locations 1-5-4-2, then jump over to locations 3a-3b.

IPC will follow with the new surface shortly after the base cures. Date yet to be determined.

During these road improvements, there may be times that access to roads and/or driveways will be limited. All roadways and/or driveways will be accessible during the evening hours.

Please use caution during these construction times. Watch for constructions crews, changing traffic patterns or flaggers while these improvements are in progress.

Please contact Joe McGuire from Iroquois Paving at (708) 926-4116 for further questions or concerns you may have in the affected areas.

Please note: All proposed schedules are tentative and weather dependent.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during the Village of Monee’s 2020 roadway improvements.