Provision Lab, Inc.

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Provision Lab, Inc. is a charitable non-profit focused on leading community service projects to support Monee’s continuous growth. The organization is led by Second Place Church Pastors Dave Short and Joe Dascenzo who work to provide a platform for Monee residents to receive vital resources which may otherwise be out of reach.


“Provision Lab has been a blessing in our community for their unwavering support not only with their food pantry and micro pantries, but also their volunteerism with helping residents with projects. I have witnesses firsthand the positive impact which Provision Lab has made in our community.” -- Dr. Therese Bogs, Mayor


While Second Place Church formed Provision Lab, their mission is holistic. Any resident, religious or not, can benefit from the wide range of services which they offer.


Food Drives

Their Feed the Need project is held every first and third Tuesday of the month at 25655 S Governors Hwy Unit A where you can find long lines for their food drives. Provision Lab also has three micro pantries where residents can donate non-perishables and take what they need. Monee micro pantries are located outside of Village Hall, Golf Vista Clubhouse and Second Place Church.


Community Garden

Provision Lab has also built a community garden at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ. Through support from volunteers, the 14 community garden beds have now provided over 1000 lbs. of produce to their bi-weekly food drives


Action: Love Monee

Through their project, Action: Love Monee, Provision Lab has provided medical care through mobile blood drives, maternity clinics, and dental exams. They have also recently established a low-cost legal aid program hosted at Second Place Church on the second Saturday of each month. During these hours, residents in need can seek legal advice.


Provision Lab has also supported our community by assisting senior Golf Vista residents with their yard work and have built several handicap ramps across town. They have provided Christmas gifts for over 80 families in need with winter coats, shoes, and bicycles, and have assisted the Crete Monee School District with a variety of school work projects.