Yard Waste and Branch Pickup

yard waste bags

Republic Services Yard Waste Pickup

Republic Services will be picking up yard waste beginning on April 1, and will be picked up the same day as your regular trash and recycling.  Yard waste can be placed in either brown kraft paper bags, or in your own containers marked with yard waste stickers.  Stickers can be obtained at no charge by calling Republic customer service at 708-385-8252, or at the Monee Village Hall.  With regard to yard waste collection, please note the following:

  • These containers cannot exceed 35 gallons in size, nor can they weigh in excess of 40 pounds. 
  • Yard waste in plastic bags is not acceptable.
  • Tree branches in excess of two inches in diameter will not be picked up
  • Tree branches must be bundled in a maximum of 2 feet in diameter and 4 feet in length, and cannot weigh more than 40 pounds.

Village of Monee Branch Pickup Dates 2023

The Public Works Department will provide branch pick up according to the following schedule:

April 3May 1June 5July 3August 7September 5 *October 2November 6
April 17May 15June 19July 17August 21September 18October 16November 20

* Pickup on September 5 is delayed one day due to the Labor Day Holiday. 

The Village may also schedule additional pickups as circumstances warrant, such as severe weather events.  Please also note the following:

  • All scheduled dates are weather permitting, and may be rescheduled as circumstances warrant.
  • Branches must be placed curbside for pickup prior to the date of pickup.  We do not enter private property to collect branches.
  • Cut end of branches should be pointing toward the road.
  • Root balls, and branches with excessive dirt will not be collected as this can clog or damage our equipment.
  • Grass clippings, weeds, flowers, etc. will not be picked up with branches.  These items can be placed in kraft bags or containers for Republic’s yard waste pickup.
  • Sticks and branches in cans will not be picked up.  These cans should be marked as yard waste and picked up by Republic Services.
  • Crews picking up branches will not rake debris from parkways.  Sticks and branches small enough to be raked can be placed in kraft bags or containers for Republic’s yard waste pickup.
  • Branch collection is provided as a service to Monee residents maintaining their own property, branches cut or trimmed by contractors will not be picked up.