Winter Tips

Helping Our Community Work Together 

The winter snow can offer ample opportunities for recreational activities but many of us see it as a tiresome chore that rarely comes at a convenient time. This is further complicated by the Village's commitment to keeping the streets as clear and safe as possible. With a little insight and useful tips you can minimize the frustrations and stay warm (or enjoying the recreational aspects of winter).

  • Keep our children safe; Please keep in mind plow drivers often cannot see children on the plow hills. We know they look fun but they can cause serious injuries or even a fatality. Educating our children where to safely play in snow is best. Also keep in mind our children walk to bus stops and even to school. Please help shovel our sidewalk and bus corners.
  • Helping shoveling our neighbor's sidewalks increases our safety for all residents, from the elderly to our children.
  • Avoid walking on the streets. With the snowy conditions, vehicles and especially plows have inherently limited visibility and pedestrians in the street are just encouraging needless hazards.
  • Avoid placing your garbage cans in the street when plows are out.
  • Avoid placing your snow to the west side of your driveway will minimize potential drifting in your drive, since the wind typically out of the west.
  • Do not shovel snow onto the street. Actually clearing the snow along the curb up the street will reduce the snow being pushed by the plow and minimize the amount deposited at end of your driveway.
  • Your mail carrier will also appreciate if keep your mailbox accessible

Snow Removal 

There are 70.2 miles of road in Monee. Each road can take 2-4 passes to completely plow. Snow conditions affect plowing and salting time. Operators strive to get the roads to a safe drivable condition as soon as they can. The Village of Monee's policy is to have major arterial roads plowed within 12 hours after a major storm, secondary collector roads plowed within 24 hours, and residential streets plowed within 36 hours. The school bus routes are done first, followed by the steepest roads and connector roads. Side streets, flat roads and cul-de-sacs are done last, unless they form part of completing a route in the most efficient, cost effective and time - saving way. One way to assist the Village in snow removal from streets is to have your vehicle parked in your driveway so the snow plows do not have to go around the vehicles on the street.  Please keep in mind that parking vehicles on the street during a snow event is a violation of local ordinances, and that citations will be issued to violators.

Cleaning village streets is no easy task, and requires strategic coordination in order to:

  • Keep the main roads clear for emergency vehicles
  • Clear subdivisions streets (especially the naturally problematic cul-de-sac)
  • Supplement state and county maintained routes
  • Work around residents that leave cars on streets or throw snow onto the streets, which is an issue of public safety, and contributes to unnecessary delays and costs to all taxpayers. (These are violations of local code).
  • Minimize overtime and overworking of our public workers and equipment (which is complicated by prolonged snow fall, drifting snow, and sub -zero temperatures).

Snow Plows and Driving 

When the snow does come, please allow for extra drive time. Clear all snow from your vehicle including headlights and tail lights. Give plow operators plenty of room to do their job for you. Don't try to race a plow or make quick moves to "get away." Cars are not always visible and big trucks cannot always stop quickly to respond to sudden moves by cars. Please be smart and safe this winter.

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  1. Public Works

    Physical Address
    5144 W Court Street
    Monee, IL 60449


    Phone: 708-534-8306
    Fax: 708-534-1040
    Emergency: 911

    Monday through Friday
    7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    To report a concern after hours, contact the Laraway Communications Center at
    (779) 803-5000 
    (708) 672-1564

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Snow and your mailbox

Regrettably, in extreme winter conditions, mailboxes can be damaged during snow removal because they are installed close to the road in the highway right-of-way as a courtesy to the U.S. Postal Service. In most cases, damage to mailboxes is a result of the force of snow coming off a plow's blade. This scenario is dependent on weather conditions, amount of snowfall, and the weight of snow.

At times, the Village or private contractor's plow will accidentally hit and damage a mailbox. This is an unfortunate consequence of snow removal with heavy equipment in challenging weather conditions.

Determining Damage to a Mailbox

How can you determine how your mailbox was damaged? Typically, if a mailbox is pushed over and has no impact marks, it was probably knocked over by the weight of snow coming off a plow's blade. If the mailbox or post shows evidence of an impact, it may have been struck by a Town or private contractor plow blade or a passing vehicle. The angle at which a mailbox has fallen also helps to determine the source of damage.

If a Mailbox Has Been Damaged by Plowing

If a mailbox is damaged from snow coming off a plow blade, the Village will not replace the mailbox. In case of an emergency, we have a limited amount of temp mailboxes you can use until your mailbox can be fixed. If your mailbox is down, please contact the public works department at 708-534-8306.

Precautions You Can Take

Taking time to prepare your mailbox for winter now can prevent serious headaches later. If your mailbox moves when shaken, it could be knocked over by snow thrown off the road by a passing snowplow. Residents should prepare mailboxes for winter by tightening screws and ensuring the post and receptacle are secure enough to endure large amounts of thrown snow. If a private contractor plows your driveway, we recommend that you learn their policies regarding damage to your (or your neighbor's) property caused by their operators or equipment.