Residential Garbage & Recycling

2017 Recycling Calendar    2017 Recycling Map

Garbage service is provided by Republic Services who can be reached at 708-385-8252.
Garbage is Collected every Friday. Please place your toter at your pick-up point with the handles facing your house and please have all household garbage out for pick-up by 6 am.
Recycling is collected in the 95-gallon recycle toter marked “Recycling”. Service is provided every other week. The calendar and map are featured above. Toters cannot be contaminated with trash!  Please DO NOT put yard waste or trash in these containers.
Yard Waste Pick Up will run from April to November. Yard Waste can be placed at your pick-up point in either brown Kraft Paper Bags (purchased at your local store), or in your own containers that cannot excess 35 gallons in size, or 40 lbs. in weight. These containers must have a sticker saying :Yard Waste Only” which can be obtained at no-charge by calling Republic/Allied customer service at 708-385-8252 or at Village Hall.
Holiday Schedule: Should your regular pick-up day fall on or after one of the following holidays, your pick-up will be delayed one day for that week only:
New Years Day / Memorial Day / 4th of July / Labor Day / Thanksgiving Day / Christmas Day