Hydrant Flushing 2017

Beginning in the spring of 2017, the Village of Monee will be continuing our modified water main flushing program.  As our community has grown, and our infrastructure has aged, it has become apparent that our previous flushing schedule had become outdated and ineffective.  Our previous schedule, one day a month from April through October, only provided us with enough time to effectively flush about 20% of our total distribution system.  Our new schedule, will allow us to flush 100% of our distribution system.  We will be performing a system wide flush to ensure that all areas of Monee have the best quality water and fire protection possible.  While we realize that flushing water mains can be an inconvenience at times, the benefits such as improved water quality and fire protection far outweigh the inconvenience experienced by our residents.  The details of our new flushing schedule are as follows:


  • Water mains will be flushed beginning the week of April 3, 2017. Operations will commence at 7am daily, and will normally end at 3pm.  Flushing may, however, continue to as late as 7pm as circumstances warrant.
  • Water main flushing will continue every weekday until we have flushed our entire distribution system. We estimate that the entire process will take 3-4 weeks to complete.
  • We will begin flushing at the nearest point to our water source, which is our 50,000 gallon elevated water tank on South Chestnut Road. From there we will fan out to the east, south, and north all the way to the far reaches of our system.  At that point we will return to the tank on Chestnut, fan out to the west, and repeat the process.
  • Areas scheduled for flushing will have signs posted at least 24 hours in advance to inform residents.

Water main flushing can and does stir up sediment that has collected in the system, as it is intended.  Depending on a number of factors, a water main may take a matter of minutes to run clear, and sometimes can be a matter of hours.  Mains are flushed continuously until the water runs clear, therefore it is difficult to establish an accurate timeline not only for completion, but for informing residents of exactly when their area will be flushed.  Signs will be posted prior to flushing in specific areas as we approach them during the process.


Any questions regarding water main flushing can be directed to the Village of Monee Public Works Department at 708-534-8306.

Day 1 Monday 4/10/2017 Area bordered by the IC tracks to the west, Court St. to the south, Eastgate Ave. to the east, including Monee Estates Subdivision-Completed
Day 2 Tuesday 4/11/2017 Golf Vista Estates-Completed
Day 3 Wednesday 4/12/2017 Golf Vista Estates-Completed
Day 4 Thursday 4/13/2017 Golf Vista Estates- Completed
Day 5 Monday 4/17/2017 Country Meadows Subdivision- Completed
Day 6 Tuesday 4/18/2017 Country Meadows Subdivision- Completed
Day 7 Wednesday 4/19/2017 Country Meadows Subdivision- Completed
Day 8 Thursday 4/20/2017 Monee Elementary School- Completed
Day 9 Friday 4/21/2017 Area bordered by the IC tracks to the west, Main St. to the north, Eastgate Ave. to the east, and Mill St. to the south – Completed
Day 10 Monday 4/24/2017 Walker’s Grove Subdivision- Completed
Day 11 Tuesday 4/25/2017 Monee Fairgrounds Subdivision-In Completed
Day 12 Tuesday 4/25/2017 Area bordered by Main St. to the north, Ruby St. to the west, Margaret St. to the south, Will-Center Rd. to the east.-Completed
Day 13 Tuesday 4/25/2017 Eagle Fair Estates Subdivision- In progress -Completed
Day 14 Monday 5/1/2017 Area bordered by Egyptian Trail on the west, Main St. on the south, IC tracks on the east, Monee-Manhattan Rd. on the north
Day 15 Tuesday 5/2/2017 Area south of Main St., west of IC tracks, including Derby Meadows, and south Governor’s Hwy.
Day 16 Wednesday 5/3/2017 Iroquois Paving, World Kitchen, Southland Industrial Park
Day 17 Thursday 5/4/2017 Southland Industrial Park
Day 18 Friday 5/5/2017 Monee Manor, Highlands Subdivision
Day 19 Monday 5/8/2017 Highlands Subdivision
Day 20 Tuesday 5/9/2017 Von Ave., Sutton Pl., Monee-Manhattan Road
Day 21 Wednesday 5/10/2017 Cleveland Ave.
Day 22 Thursday 5/11/2017 Sunset Drive, BC Development
Day 23 Friday 5/12/2017 Ridgeland Ave.