Egyptian Trail Water Main Project


  • Today’s Activities – 10/19/16
  • Aqua 24” pipe was delivered and strung out along project.
  •  Homer performed tree removal.  Detention basin earthwork continued.
  • Construction entrance was placed at detention basin to mitigate mess.
  • Contractor continued milling roadway between Court St and just south of Wilson St.
  • Meeting with Meade about Monee-Manhattan Signal. Update to follow.
  •  Tomorrow’s Schedule – 10/20/16  
  • Trenching and laying pipe near Governors highway. x
  • Asphalt milling between Wilson and Roosevelt. x
  • Traffic control will be phases 1N, 2N, 3N, 8N and 8S. Staggered barricades will remain at Governors Highway. Derby barricades will remain the same, diverting Derby traffic via Main St. Staggered barricades will be placed so that no cars can go northbound at Egyptian Trail @ Court St. Barricades will be placed at Elder Ln @ Wilson St and divert traffic from westbound Wilson St onto Elder. Barricades will be placed so that no cars can go southbound at Egyptian Trail and Roosevelt St. The emergency vehicle parked off to the side at Monee-Manhattan Rd was very helpful and cars were observed changing their route after seeing the vehicle. If this car could be placed there again it would be very helpful. 
  • Tyson Engineering roadway project still in phase I staging. However, all streets, Court St, Roosevelt St and Wilson St are open to traffic. 


  • Today 10/25/16 & Tomorrow’s Activities – 10/26/16
  • Installation of 24” Water Main shall continue through 1S and 2S locations (Intersection of Governors Hwy to past Margaret Street. Intersection of Governor’s Hwy and South Egyptian Trail, Margaret Street, and the access drive from 7-11 to Egyptian Trail shall remain closed tomorrow to allow for safe construction.
  •  Bore pit excavation at Monee-Manhattan Rd has commenced with Jack & Bore Sub-Contractor scheduled for mobilization on Friday. Prep shall continue on the North & South bore pits tomorrow.
  •  Detention Basin has been completely excavated. Contractor began to install CM05 Rock to bring area up to bottom of chamber elevation. Tomorrow, weather dependent, contractor shall continue to install the bottom 9” of rock, compact the area, and prep to begin installation of the chambers.
  •  Work Zone Safety on site to switch Tyson Road projects to Phase II staging. Tomorrow, D Construction to begin Court Street Storm Sewer work. Court Street shall be closed. Polk, Roosevelt, and Wilson Streets will be open to the travelling public.