Property taxes are levied for the year prior and payment is due to the county in two payments by June 1st and September 1st.  (Homeowners that have an escrow on their mortgage typically have this paid as part of the escrow through the lender.)

Property Tax Rebate Form - 2015

Criteria for obtaining property tax rebate:

  • Must be an owner-occupied home in which they currently reside – A property owner living in a single family home or a town home he or she owns is entitled to a refund.

  • Owners of single family homes, townhomes will receive their refund once they prove residency in the home with a current Illinois driver’s license or state identification card listing a Monee address.

    • County of Will 2015 Levy Property Tax Bill

    • Your current valid Illinois driver’s license or Illinois state identification card.

  • Original documents (i.e. tax bill) are not accepted. Village personnel will not be allowed to make copies under any circumstances.  Applicants must bring/enclose copies of all requested materials.

  • The refund check will not be mailed if a past due bill, ticket or violation is owed to the Village at the time of application and/or refund or if the 2015 property taxes are not paid.

  • Failure to submit complete and accurate information may result in rejection of your application

In order to accurately calculate and disperse the rebate checks we require all applications and supporting documentation received by the Village Hall by December 16, 2016.  Checks will be available on or around March 6th 2017.